“It’s not only a hobby, it’s a career. It’s a learning process that can be used in every area of life, especially when it comes to fashion".  

-Aliyah Royale


"I’m planning in the future to make my own prom dress or wedding dress. I see my self, doing this in the future. If not as a career, just for fun".   Nikki Wanjala


"I would love to be a designer in the future because I just love it. It’s a fun experience. I got to sew. It’s fun and amazing".

-Madison Dae Clarion


"The whole project was interesting. I never went through that process before so I actually enjoyed going through something like that, because I always wanted to make my outfits come to life".    -Kayla Rachal


"The whole design program, I thought was amazing. I like making the dresses, finding the models to wear the dresses., the photo shoot and seeing it all put together".    -Joy Collins


"The whole program is just amazing. It’s a fun experience and a way for you to get your creativity out and about. -Dante Brown It’s just amazing. They teach you how to pick out your fabric, cut, sew and pin. I had so much fun doing designer kids".    - Jayda Brown


"It was a whole new learning adventure for me because I had no clue how to sew before I started this. It’s amazing and I would recommend it".   -Bianca Buck


"I enjoyed the design program. It was a way for me to learn from other designers. It was a way for me to find something that I really like doing., like, sewing, making my own designs and making my own patterns. It was cool".    –The Trinitee 


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