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Camp Dates & Fees:

SUMMER 2018- Jacksonville, FL ($210)

Fashion Design

(Learn 2 skills. No sewing machine included)


SUMMER 2018- Tampa, FL ($210)

Fashion Design

(Does not include sewing machine)


SUMMER 2018- Dover, DE ($175)

(Includes a personal sewing machine)


SUMMER 2018- New Jersey ($275)

(Includes a personal sewing machine)




ages 8 to 15


Laern the fashion design basics in a 

1 week intense camp


Design concept (problem solvig), pattern making (engineering), fabric shopping (Science),

measuring (Mathematics) ,pinning, cutting,

 & operating a sewing machine (technology).


Finish off with selecting models & showcasing your designs in a fashion presentation.


Download Registration Form



(PDF file)


Camp Description 


Tweens & teens are taught fashion concepts, measuring, creating patterns, fabric selecting, how to pin & cut fabric,

threading and operating a sewing machine, fitting the models and preparation for a finale’ fashion show.


There are many rewards and benefits the participants gain such as completing original designs.




Basic skills in designing, pattern-making and sewing.

Completed Outfit (student will keep)

Participate in Fashion Show or Fashion Video

Featured in Magazine or  Marketing Material for Design Program



Our program is dedicated to educating and uplifting local youth through fashion design. These skills will help

any young person basic clothing repair or make clothing for self or their family.


See Camp Dates & Fees Below

                         (Create your original 

Camp Registration "fee" is  due 1 week before camp begins.


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